Order of Paladins

Deity Creation: Squire Aether



I contrived an energetic helper from my Shadow Energy, the lessons learned via trauma and life. 

Scout looks like a formed shadow with wispy hair, who carries a dandelion flower in their hands. Scout is a version of me, healed trauma housing memories that I bring forward in social circumstances and in moments of profound intuitive knowing. 

Scout helps me discern if I’m doing Right Action, interpretation based upon truths, or, as is possible, fears related to my traumatic past. Scout helps me figure out if my reluctance to action is fear based or intuition asking for more insight before proceeding. Scout can also help determine if a moment of self care is laziness or needful rest, another trauma response from years of negative mental programming.

Understandably, Scout is very versatile, and as I go and work with this energy, I imagine I’ll create variations of Scout. For the moment, Scout walks a bit ahead on life and energy paths, putting in varied-colored flags, notating on possibilities, and also, my emotional response and how I should proceed.

As example, of late, Scout has added some shiny pauldrons to their ensemble, so a variation of Scout is emerging.

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