Order of Paladins

The Armoring: Squire Aether


Warrior is . . .
A Warrior is not vainglorious without depth nor individualism, for thee walks into truth, of self, of life, conscious that battle is daring greatly against limited ideology. Humble, curious, honorable, you, as Warrior, are virtue in action.

Prepare to Work
Varied paths we walk in battles we choose, honoring collective action. We are wise, strategic in dress and tool. Dress, we in the garb of our most endless battles, with the chosen magical weapon. Always bring the weapon of Discerning Mind, for our contemplation of life and Spirit is our greatest strength.

Honor Your Sacred
Meditate and Cleanse in the manner honoring the Self. Varied minds, many ways and beliefs of equal avenues. Our Self is our Sacred which has traversed through Eternity. We honor as we are now, the path of the present and the path of the everlasting. This Honor allows us to see the truth in all things for we live our universality.

Challenge! A Warrior, Becoming
Victim!? Trials given, vulnerability exposed. Defeated, faint, withered, have we all been. Tis’ horror, and compassion given, but, remiss, Victim, you cannot stay. Preening of sympathy, attention sought? A Warrior Path is not for you. If so, begone with kindness. Yet, if you hold yourself and life to account, take Victim and transmute to Warrior? Stay, rise into your power and say, “I oppose keening and choose to persist!” For they who journey through pain, to discernment, be glorious here, and be welcome.

Easy spoken, not so easily sojourned, yet, be with us and we will show you how. Loathe your visage may you, frail, flailing and betrayed? Compassion, have we. Choose to walk amongst us, but placate your nerve through our grande strength without contribution? Nay, Begone! We have many works to do.

Yet, if thee are willful to strive to Greater Self, to rise, purify through discernment, deed, from ash to blaze anew, then, welcome. Be Glorious!

Warriors, we, shall stand witness to your glory, speak to your honor, knowing we all stride a chaotic and bespelled place, all feeling fear. We stand unified, a collective, facing myriad foe, not betwixt you and the world. Phalanx, indeed, is only victorious by equal effort, equal measure given.

*edged weapon, to chest*

Effort is life, not conniving, savvy tips & tricks. No secrets, only resolve, and 7 Traits:

Loyalty, Justice, Sincerity, Courtesy, Compassion, Courage and Honor. 

This be you? Then, come forward.

World Bringer: A Sacred Space
Mountains to fields, to tumultuous winds, churning waves, rippling ponds, and lava flows, I sing with the bellowing seals, hooting apes, tweeting birds, the oxygenating green. With and of Life, I partner myself and say, “With thee, I too, Exist.” I sing with Eternity, a cascade of time and light streaming eons, Spirit of me aware and eager to feel the ebb, shape the flow. I am Creator, and through Awareness, bring the World. Through Action, create Reality. Magical Weapons with Discerning Mind, Prepare.

Reverence of Eternity
East: Aether, you are beckoned! Rise with your bellows, static, ozone tumbling, and be witness to the Discerning Mind creating a finite, sharp beam of singular photon, disassembling none with precision. Bring your amassing rebellion, immovable thrown asunder, truth undeniable. Give strength to our glorious purpose. We breathe with you and of you. Rise! 

South: Vesuvius, you are beckoned! Rise with your plume, molten, churning, and be witness to the broken soul arisen to Striven Warrior, leaning upon the metal-tipped Staff, heart laid waste, then laid bare, truth uncovered. Give life by seeding our purpose with ash to grow loam upon. We express learned knowledge, for largesse is the way. To imagine the past, we create the now. Rise!

West: Beloved Tides, be beckoned! Rise, gentle dew, eyes of blue wine, crisp shards of melting glass, be witness to our thirst of need and knowing. Our cups dry, cracked and weary, be with us in quiet as we slowly fill our hearts, know our souls, quench our depths. We balance action in the world by knowing ourselves. We must delve, absorb our natures to find our Freedom. Rise!

North: Echoing Cave, be beckoned! Rise, staccato rocks rolling, techtonics pulsing a meager pace, be witness to our efforts, small, persistent, and support our commitment. Hold us close, as we are our Throne, regnal with power and possibility. Your wisdom envelops us in patience, for the Warrior is decisive action, oft repeat. That seeming pause is slow progress, have us heed. Rise!

Center: Beyond, be beckoned! Rise, the Great Knowing, Library of Souls, as you twitter and pluck our ephemeral antennae, witness our Spirit, guide our power, grant us harmony without and within to prosper. Bless our nobility to create equal and profound impact through gracious deed and beautiful word, for our reverberations hum to heal us all. Be with us. Rise!

Warriors stow their magical weapons keeping Discerning Mind, always.

Circle Cast
Of and in mind, the Warriors walk into the glade with solo tree overlooking the mountain-ringed lake near Caer Paladin. Connect this energy to the world where the work is to be done.

Invocation of Selves
Warriors, call upon all of whom you’ve been throughout Eternity, the victims, players, saints, and thieves. Call upon the Self made wise by such learning and deeds, and choose, choose, Warrior, now, with knowing, deliberate, Discerning Mind. All you’ve ever been and ever will be, call the wisdom.

The Legacy honors those who struck our paths, with machete, spear, and tireless trek, so we may stand as we are. Bow to those who came before, who stand now, and vow to stand for those yet to step onto the path. Too, remember, as we have always been and will ever be, so, too do we honor ourselves.

The Faults to the Stars
On paper with quill, transcribe faults and fears to be honored, known, discerned, lessons learned. Burn the parchment, to cast them adrift to twilight.

Imbue the Magical Weapons
Reflecting the 8 Virtues of Bushido: https://www.themartialway.com.au/bushidos-eight-virtues/ 

Upon each magical weapon, focus your intent and speak the virtues. After each virtue is spoken, exclaim! Speak the sound that reinforces intent to you. Feel the flow.

  1. Jin Benevolent Compassion
  2. Makoto Sincere Truth
  3. Rei Polite Courtesy
  4. Chuu Gi Devoted Loyalty
  5. Mei Yo Honorable Reputation
  6. Gi Moral Justice
  7. Nin Tai Patient Perseverance
  8. Yuu Heroic Courage

The Armoring: Oath-Maker
Creator, am I, power, light,
I sing with all Lightbringers 
Heroes of Eternity
We bow to ourselves,
And Warriors make,
In Oath we Speak and by Deeds of Honor.
Power, Here! I, Behold!
I hold Power of Aether, Discerning Mind,
The Bellows of Power, Precision of Might.
Power, Here! I, Behold!
I hold Power of Vesuvius, Passioned Soul,
The Fire of Spirit, Courage of Transmutation.
Power, Here! I, Behold!
I hold Power of Tides, Feeling Self.
The Lifeblood of We, Tempest of Actualization.
Power, Here! I, Behold!
I hold Power of Time, Expanse of Patience.
The House of Marble, Palace of Life.
Power, Here! I, Behold!
I hold Power of Wisdom, Known Eternity.
The Library of Souls, Spirit Universality.
Creator, I, Oath-Maker! Behold!
Power, given, Power used,
Guided by virtue, power uplifts.
Resolve, love deeply, kind,
By consent and commit.
To protect, and to guide,
To be cared and be guided.
By Deed and voice,
Enact virtue and be honor,
I, Behold!
Creator, Be! Creator, Do!

Behold! The Weapons
To my hand, return, guide and be guided, as we thank and honor Spirit for dazzling power and partnership.

Circle, Neverendings
Disembark the corners by turning to each:

Center: We Thank you, Beyond, with you, we be wise. Heart, and Farewell.

North: We Thank you, Echoing Cave, with you, we be patient. Heart, and Farewell.

West: We Thank you, Beloved Tides, with you, we be known. Heart, and Farewell.

South: We Thank you, Vesuvius, with you, we be passioned. Heart, and Farewell.

East: We Thank you, Aether, with you, we be discerning. Heart, and Farwell.

As we go forward, recall the Circle, vows and truth, move with trust, for you are held dearly as you course through fearful fields of sniping blades, and strive, regardless.

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