Order of Paladins

Magical Weapon: Squire Aether

Jo Staff


The Bo (staff) is an Okinawan (Japan) martial arts weapon. This staff is a long wooden weapon traditionally made of oak and roughly 6 feet in length. In contrast, the shorter Jo is approximately 4 feet in length. Many martial arts train with wooden staffs (i.e. Bo and Jo) including Aikido, Bojutsu, Kung Fu, Ninjutsu and some Budo/ Bujutsu schools. Moreover, the Bo is used in many weapon katas and forms. The Bo is used to block, thrust, and strike an opponent and is effective against most other forms of martial arts weapons. Source: www.blackbeltwiki.com 

Easily can I conjure use for the Staff beyond weapon use, which gives me comfort. The staff can be used to protect myself and others, and also can be used to lean upon in walking, traversing up and down many slopes. Too, can the staff thrust righteously in attack, when needed, and can simply sweep antagonists off their feet in a shock, but little worse for wear.

Spiritually, the Staff is a divining rod, an energy to connect my Discerning Mind with the Greater Knowledge, the Divine, and utilize such knowledge following the precepts. For my individual mind, the Staff allows me to remember to use knowledge from Spirit first when determining right action, via the portal of discipline of the Discerning Mind. Other weapons have this ability, too, but the Staff most readily conjures such truth into my mind immediately.

Last, the East Asiatic weapons, martial arts, and philosophies have always appealed to me. I’ve studied Zen Buddism, Art and Meditation. Too, the wordsmiths of Nordic, Suomi pagans and the cosmopolitan pagan Greeks, are part of my ancestry and education, and I wish to honor them as well.

In this, the Staff, as a divining rod, magic staff, hermit’s cane and monk’s walking staff, is a semiotic that appeals to my idea of warrior. A sojourning, chaotic good, with wisdom always, and might when they must. With a Staff I can aerate soil, steer a boat, stir a pot, provide a hand, lift a rock, and fight a battle.

The Staff, as magical weapon, can be used in flow by spinning fiercely, creating winds and channels via which energy can either be directed or redirected. As magical warriors, Paladins do not push hard against energy but choose and flow with and around energy, resonating and creating harmonious vibration. The Staff may be energetic weapon in that it flows around and through negative and malicious energies, as all true warriors and their weapons do, but, for me, the symbolism of the Staff, as stated above, held in my magic and in hand, holds my mind where it need be always, discerning, calming my protective passions to effective action.

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